Super Easy Chinese ( SEC)– Preliminary Fluency in Chinese

The complete product has three packages. The start level package, the advanced level package and the combo package. The start level package included thirteen lessons. Each lesson takes 10 to 25 minutes. The advanced level package also includes thirteen lessons. Each of these lesson takes 20 to 35 minutes.

Mine is a listening system. It is perfect for the medium and advanced levels. It can also be used by beginners if they are familiar with pinyin. Without pinyin, it may be challenging for the beginner. The active listening is still useful in this case.

There are twenty six lessons in my system ranging from beginner to advanced levels. These lessons can be completed within six months. At the end of it, I guarantee your success. If you can not speak Chinese fluently after studying my lessons, I will return your money and give you twice the original price you paid. No other teacher of Chinese offers such a guarantee.

My Chinese teaching method is an understandable, repetitive learning technique. You don’t get bored and you don’t need to memorize grammatical rules and exceptions. These lessons include Mini-Stories which aid in the process of learning to speak Chinese fluently, in a more natural and less traditionally academic method. The Mini-Stories ask easy questions which require appropriate responses. You’ll see it’s effective when you go through my lessons.

This is a more natural way of learning a new language. The goal is to approximate true communication. When fluency in Chinese is your goal, don’t waste your time with the traditional forms used in other methods.

My friends, please feel free to research the success I have achieved with my ideas and methods included in my lessons. You’re sure to find they are powerful, useful tools.

What you learn from Super Easy Chinese

How to improve your Chinese vocabulary and grammar without memorization

This incredible way you Learn how to Speak Chinese and increase your vocabulary and grammar skills without direct study or memorization.

The relaxing way to learn to speak Chinese is by listening to real Chinese articles about interesting topics. Imagine smiling and laughing while learning to speak Chinese.

You can avoid memorizing complex grammatical rules and learn how children do. In direct application of the language. Listen to the Magic Story. I take special pride in this creation.

The Deep Learning Chinese method helps you use Chinese. You must remember and use Chinese words without translation.

How to avoid stress, nervousness and worry: A Research by Dr Stephen Krashen. He shows how, when attempting to speak a foreign language, worrying about making mistakes slows your speaking tempo.

How to avoid grammar study and learn Chinese grammar rules by listening to how they should be applied in different scenarios. You proceed with a sense of “what sounds right” instead of the memorization of complex rules and exceptions.

How my best students learn to speak Chinese, their study practices, and how you can model their behavior to your benefit. This is an important shortcut that every successful student utilizes.

How to really enjoy learning Chinese. It improves your spoken Chinese immensely.

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